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What would a website development agency in Mackay typically offer?

Our website development agency in Mackay typically works on complex, bespoke web-based applications that cannot be met by simple plug-n-play or website plugins.

A good example of this would be the integration of a specific payment gateway that does not already exist for a specific web platform. Another example would be a customised employee portal or membership management tool. In all cases, they create a solution from scratch.

A website developer usually works in a code environment, such as php, html, css, javascript, etc. They also tend to create or amend databases using phpmyadmin. In most cases, you’ll rarely have a working relationship with a website developer. A website developer usually works alongside the project manager who is responsible for the client-side communications.

Web Design – Mackay

Many customers do not know the difference between a website designer and a website developer. In simple terms, a website designer works on the aesthetics of the design to ensure a pixel perfect and brand-aligned outcome, whereas a website developer seeks to create a functional software solution to answer a specific client issue. A website designer who understand web design will often study UX/UI standards and have a keen eye for design as a whole. It is quite rare to find web designers and developers in Mackay under one roof.

Our Mackay web design team are industry experts, and offer a range of website platforms for your consideration. Typically, most of our web design is done on the WordPress CMS platform. In some cases, we might switch to Shopify if the client is seeking a commercial grade e-commerce solution.

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Website Development Agency – Mackay

We have a Mackay web development agency team consisting of two full time web designers and developers (Mackay).  Our combined website design and development skills enable our web development – Mackay clients to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Web Design Platforms

There are dozens of website platforms you can install with one click from your CPanel, but once you have installed them, what next?

Before 2003, the most common websites were designed by website designers who knew html and CSS. Since that time, html has faded into a distant memory and been replaced with powerful CMS systems like WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, Magento, etc. We have built hundreds of websites using older technology such as HTML and the early versions of Joomla.

We currently are huge fans of WordPress, Shopify, and to a lesser extent Squarespace. As a website designer the simple plug-n-play functionality of WordPress appeals to most. It is easily deployed but it requires a deep understanding of what plugins to use and how to optimise the website for SEO.

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Customer Reviews


I've had a great relationship with Phil at Corporate Design Solutions over the past few years. Phils' attention to detail, transparency, and great service has enabled my Plumbing Company to capture leads and remain relevent across my industry sector. Phil continues to offer great advice and updates me on a regular basis.


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Phil helped me with some Digital Marketing projects recently including website optimisation, SEO and some strategy advice. He was very professional, responsive and easy to deal with. Phil has attained a serious level of knowledge over the years and is a trusted advisor. Highly recommend to any other agency owners!



From the moment of initial contact with Corporate Design, I found Phil to be professional, knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. To say I was happy with the results is an understatement! His attention to building my website was second to none. Certainly helped with his design background to produce an amazing website.


Web Design that is Mobile Friendly

Mobile web design is the process of optimizing web experience for mobile users. This process includes creating:

  • Mobile-first design. Traditionally, websites have been optimized for desktop users, but as browsing habits have evolved, designers tend to follow a mobile-first approach in design. This means that the team starts with a mobile platform and optimizes content for the smallest possible screen, then switches to a larger screen size like a tablet or desktop.
  • Responsive design. Responsive layout is a type of layout that changes based on the size of the user’s device. Generally, the more screen space the user has, the more content they see in each given moment.
  • Search engine-friendly design. Even the most compelling content or features on your website are useless if visitors cannot find your website in search results. Google offers a tool called Mobile-Friendly Test that allows you to check if your website is optimized for mobile and thus more user friendly.


Web Development FAQ's

You generally have two ongoing fees. They are:

  • Hosting (monthly or annually)
  • Domain Renweal Fee ( every two years)

You can choose any hosting company you want. Just check that they can support your website CMS, and ask if they take regular back-ups.

In most cases, you'll own the IP of the web development unless it was negotiated out of your contract.

It can take as little as a few days, up to several months. It depends on the complexity of the website, the functionality, content, and if there is custom website development work required.

This has been the most asked FAQ in my history of running a website design agency. A website can be built by you for FREE, but does that make the website a great business tool? You could invest a few thousand dollars for a basic 5 -10 page website and be totally happy. We have built websites that began as sub $10,000 projects and with client changes, they turned out to be valued over $50,000. An estimate can only be given once the client offers a detailed brief. Even then, the project scope may creep and the finished price will be different from the starting price.

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