Video Production

Video Production

Our video production team at Corporate Design Solution have a natural ability to tell a story. Not just any story – your story. Their ability to understand your business, objectives, brand, product or service means they can showcase you in a manner that will resonate with future customers of your business.

Our team have filmed across different sectors, such as event filming, travel ads, tourism promotional content and manufacturing videos for social media advertising. They take the time to listen to your needs and define a crafted script to position your business in the best light.

The Video Production Process

Stage by stage we communicate our process. We begin by taking a detailed brief and write a proposal. Once the proposal is accepted we script the shoot and begin the formal planning phases. Planning includes talent management, location scouting, gear management, shot list, assemble production team and sign off on storyboard.

Once the client has signed off on the storyboard, script and confirmed they are ready, a date is set and production begins.

What to expect on a video shoot

Every video shoot is different. In some cases a (run and gun) shoot is all that is required. Run and Gun is a term videographers use to explain a 1 man shoot with no additional production crew.

In other cases we may need a 2nd shooter, audio engineer, make-up artists, hired talent and other assistants. We may also need to obtain special permits (ie. drone approval or council approval).

The shoot will take some time. Often the producer will take up to 5 versions of the same scene. As an average rule we calculate that for every minute of footage up to 6 hours of editing takes place for an average commercial low budget shoot.

Of course this is subject to the clients budget, expectations and conditions on the day.

We have had situations where there was too much noise for the audio and had to have the talent record their dialogue in our studio and sync the audio in post.

You always need a plan B when shooting video. We always ask if the client wants to use the video in any social media marketing campaigns.

Editing a Commercial Video

The editing phase is where the real magic happens. The budget, the style of the ad, placement of the ad and other conditions will determine the value we add in the editing phase. We can edit simply by cutting clips together and overlaying music, or we can add special FX such as Motion Graphic titles, transitions, SFX and much more to give the video a more cinematic effect.

Drone Videos

We are commercially licenced Drone Pilots and have CASA approval to shoot video in the sub 2kg class. We use a DJI Mavic Pro drone which captures 4K footage in a flat colour profile which allows us to colour grade it to give it a cinematic look.

We always stick to CASA guidelines. To outline some of the key points we never fly within a 5.5km distance of an airport or helipad. We never fly closer than 30m to buildings or people. We never fly out of our line of sight and we always take reasonable safety precautions.

We use our drone for wide angle establishing shots, aerial real estate work and tourism videos predominantly. We have used it for some commercial work as well.

Social Media Videos

Most of the time you only need a video shot at 1080p, not 4K. We suggest shooting in 25fps which is the PAL broadcast frame rate for Australia. We tend to shoot HD 16:9 as this will translate well for Instagram and Facebook as well as YouTube.

If you intend to use the video on YouTube we also suggest paying an extra $100 for sub-title captions, otherwise known as an SRT file. This will improve your chances of the video ranking well in YouTube.

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Video Production Rates

We price video work based on the customers requirements. As a general rule we price our labour rate at $110/hr inc GST for video shooting plus travel expenses. Editing is $55/hr inc GST. Other fees are added when required (model fees, licences, hire fees, staff, etc.)

Hire a Videographer

Before you buy on price ask yourself how you want your event, destination, business or product to be remembered. Once it’s out there on the internet or on TV your brand is judged. Give your business a boost by using our video production team at Corporate Design Solutions. Ask for a FREE quote today!

Video Production
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