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Corporate Design Solutions is a bespoke video production agency in Mackay that can effortlessly serve all your video production requirements. We have a team of experienced videographers who have the natural ability to tell a story, and not just a story – your story. 

Our team holds a great deal of experience in producing, directing, shooting, and editing the most alluring and profit-yielding video content for your business. We create high-quality, engaging videos by optimizing the best video and audio equipment. 

video production company Mackay
video production company Mackay

Video Production Process Snapshot

video production boardAs a professional video production company in Mackay, we at Corporate Design Solutions believe in delivering outstanding output by inculcating extensive inputs. We have distributed video production at three different formal planning stages to fetch out the most creative and unique videos for our clients.

These stages are as below:

  1. Pre-Production Plan
  2. Video Production
  3. Post-Production services

3 Steps to Video Marketing Success

Pre-Production Plan

This is the initial step where we discuss every minute detail about your brand’s vision, idea, and goals and then write a productive proposal. Based on the final script, major stepping stones of the planning process take off, including location scouting, gear management, talent management, shot list, and assemble production. No recording device is used in this stage. 

Video Production

In the next stage, once the client has signed off on the storyboard, script, and confirmed they are ready, a date is set, and production begins.

Post-Production Services

This is the third and final step which includes merging, editing shots, cutting clips, syncing audio, and adding special effects such as motion graphic titles, transitions, SFX, etc., by optimizing the most effective web designing tools.

video production agency in Mackay

Marketing Videos

Marketing videos have the potential to earn the highest return on investment. It is the greatest way to communicate with your potential clients and explain the brand’s specialty, products, and services in the most alluring way. There are a few fun facts about marketing videos that every business owner needs to know, and these are:

  • Around 52% of successful business owners confirmed that marketing videos generate the highest rate of return.
  • Around 95% of business owners state that marketing videos provide clear knowledge about their work culture, products, services, and people.
  • Marketers noticed overwhelming click rates by embedding videos in emails.
  • Around 64% of visitors tend to buy a product after watching appealing marketing videos.

As a veteran video production company in Mackay, our key focus while producing videos remains on the conclusion as it helps in establishing production needs. Considering the customer’s goals and target audience is prominent because this will ensure the video content is absolutely in tune with the business’s story, objectives, and values.

We offer an extensive range of marketing video production services in Mackay that includes:

  • Brand videos
  • Product video production
  • Testimonials
  • Interviews
  • Live video
  • Corporate video
  • Marketing videos
  • Explainer video production
  • Event video production services
  • Business case studies
  • Storytelling video production
  • Vlogs
  • Drone videos

We focus on incorporating keywords, relevant descriptions, phrases, captivating titles, and tags for exceptional video success.

How Does Video Company in Mackay Work For You?

At Corporate Design Solutions, we as a video production company in Mackay ensure viewer engagement as a key point while producing video for your business. It is human physiology to get attracted to visuals than an audio clip. We understand that engagement with a particular client and target market can be easier by combining photography, advertising, and a marketing campaign. We always ask if the client wants to use the video in any social media marketing campaigns.

This is how the Video Production in Mackay works:

Accelerate your engagement

Nobody wants to invest their time reading pages and pages about your business. In this case scenario, professional, crisp, and high-quality videos can do wonders for your business. We firmly believe in keeping the video content to be sleek and short of embarking strong impressions on the minds of viewers.

Higher Return on Investment

Undoubtedly, social media has largely taken over the traditional way of advertising with digital advertising. If you are thinking of sponsoring or boosting a post on social media, boosting your corporate videos will enhance the chances of getting your business more client coverage with maximum return in the long run.

Complete Video Production

We provide complete services of corporate, commercial video production in Mackay with effective marketing solutions. Our dedicated video creators work wholeheartedly to bring up unique and high-quality videos for the desired niche. We know the prevailing trends to produce spectacular video content that entertains viewers right until the very end.

Customer Reviews


We engage Phil from Corporate Design to shoot a handful of corporate videos around mental health and suicide prevention. We found the pre-production, production, and post production process ran smoothly and with Phil's direction, we got great value for money and an exceptional outcome.



Phil came along to our business and shot a quick 1 minute corporate video with me. His professional approach put me at ease and the quality of the video was outstanding. I would thoroughly recommend Phil and his team at Corporate Design Solutions for any local video project.

dave hackett, GM


We engaged Corporate Design to shoot a review video for one of our products. Phil provided a thorough review, engaging video content and sharp product images as part of the overall marketing package. If you need product photography or product videos, contact Phil and his team.


Significant Traits that Make Us Different as a Video Production Company in Mackay

Extensive Experience in Video Production

For the past 20 years, we have been continuously outperforming in the video production industry and serving various major companies significantly for their business growth.

In-house Video producers

Out talent hub is the most prominent face of the video production system. Delivering the best quality content is our prime motto as a video company in Mackay.

Complete Ownership

The copyright rights give you every authority to use your video whenever, wherever you want, for the benefit of your business. 

Ensure 100% Customer-Satisfaction

We ensure 100% work commitment with greater customer satisfaction. We follow customer-centric guidelines to meet up client expectations.

Video Production FAQ's

Why Choose Corporate Design Solutions?

Committed Video Producer

We provide a dedicated video producer for each project who owns the overall responsibility for the project.

Best Quality Audio

We are fully equipped with the latest quality recording devices, which provides audio clarity during the post-production of video.

Secure File Management

You would be delighted to know that all our video productions optimize dual-slot recordings that mean all the recordings remain safe and intact. We keep an off-site backup until our client gets all recording clippings.

Fastest Communication

We respond quickly to any customer queries and believe in delivering quick solutions. We believe in maintaining a stress-free working process.

Fully Encrypted Data 

We provide encrypted files so that you would not face any issues while uploading, downloading, or storing the videos.

Call Corporate Design Solutions, a leading Video Production Company in Mackay for meticulous video production services.

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Corporate Design Solutions is a bespoke video production agency in Mackay that can effortlessly serve all your video production requirements.