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Are you looking for practical solutions that can boost the presence of your social media ads in Mackay and drive targeted leads in various available social media platforms? 

We at Corporate Design Solutions heartily welcome you and ensure that our dedicated team with comprehensive social media strategies guarantees you the target audience’s engagement on the target platforms.   

Since each social media platform has unique features and different ways of grabbing people’s attention, understanding the whole process can be overwhelming for most business owners. Thus, hiring a competitive social media advertising agency can be an intelligent move to yield desired results. Our social media advertising services help our clients engage, notify, and convert their targeted audience.

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Types of Services a Social Media Advertising Agency in Mackay Offers

Our specialists have marketing strategies for all social media platforms to help any business needs, such as brand awareness, lead generation, conversations, etc. Social media marketing services in Mackay covers almost every popular social media platform for your business that mainly includes:

1. Facebook Advertising Service

Facebook is the most popular social media marketing platform for text and video ads, and it is the best platform to reach out to the target audience and enhance web traffic. In Mackay, Facebook ads play an integral role in enhancing business growth.

Facebook Facts:

  • Generally, a Facebook user has reportedly clicked approximately 10 ads to 12 ads on Facebook in an average time of 30 days worldwide.
  • It has been recorded that out of 2.5 billion Facebook active users, around 1.95 billion active users view Facebook ads.

2. Instagram Advertising Services

Instagram is the second most famous social media advertising platform with around 75% of the login user database. Based on demographics, geography, and user interest, and by using videos, photos, or carousel mode, we aim to attain the desired objectives like conversion of the web, installation of the mobile apps, post engagement, and video views.

Instagram Facts:

  • Instagram ads hold the potential to reach around 849.3 million users.
  • Instagram ad reach is more than 5.7%.

3. YouTube Advertising Service

YouTube is the second most popular search engine with the largest adult audience than any other platform. Our YouTube services launch advertising campaigns according to your budget and needs and divide them to focus on your target audience. We also link them to Google Adwords to obtain all the statistics and have a fair analysis campaign.

YouTube Facts:

  • YouTube is the 5th most used social media platform for marketers.
  • Visual Ads are the most effective YouTube ad marketing strategy for around 10% of YouTube.

4. Twitter Advertising Service

On Twitter, the conversion rate is higher, and it is an excellent platform for brand awareness and lead generation. With the right Twitter ad campaigns, you can achieve more followers, retweets, responses, clicks, and likes on your promoted tweet.

Twitter Facts:

  • Around 26% of users are likely to see ads on Twitter.
  • Around 92% of the total client interaction with brand tweets is link clicks.

5. LinkedIn Advertising Service

LinkedIn ad campaigns enable you to engage with more B2B clients, and it helps you reach out to professionals and decision-makers. 

LinkedIn Facts:

  • B2B marketers stated that LinkedIn is a highly paid and organic social media platform.
  • Around 12% of the world’s population can reach out by LinkedIn.

6. Pinterest Advertising Service

Our Pinterest ad campaigns target users who are actively looking for pins related to your services and products. It is a female-centric market platform where you can grab the attention of women with your alluring products.

Pinterest Facts:

  • Around 83% of weekly pinners are purchased based on the business’s content.
  • Nearly 95% of pinners stated that they love to try out new things available on Pinterest.

Apart from these, we also offer Enterprise Social Media Advertising, Ecommerce Social Media Advertising, B2C and D2C social media advertisement.

Social Media Advertisement Process at Corporate Design Solutions

At CDS, we believe in following a well-designed and transparent working process that enables our clients to achieve their goals, from collecting likes to driving sales along with the highest ROI from the ad campaign. If you are looking for effective social media marketing services in Mackay, choose us, and we assure you high-quality work within your budget.

Our process is as follow:

Allotment of Dedicated Social Media Manager 

Based on your advertising needs, we assign the most appropriate crew member. For instance, if you want to enhance your presence on Facebook, then the social manager will launch a Facebook ad in Mackay. This will help you fetch out desired results. Likewise, depending upon your requirement, dedicated managers design marketing campaigns and execute them accordingly.

Clear and Concise Marketing Strategy

This is the utmost important step of the social media marketing process. Without this, desired outcomes can be challenging to achieve. This includes proven advertising channels to show you how we plan and execute conversation strategies.

Launch Appealing Advertisements

Our team members are expert in creating an engaging advertisement that audience love to click on. In this, your ad manager will write an ad copy, headlines and create images for your ad campaign. We work thoroughly that makes us identify the most profitable ad of your business.

Daily Supervision of Ad Campaign

The low-performing ads can decline the results; thus, we identify them quickly, remove them from the ad campaign, and replace them with fresh ads to yield maximum results. We ensure prompt solutions that lead to the best outcomes.

Frequent Reporting

The dedicated staff member of your project will prepare ad campaign reports on a monthly or fortnightly based on the need of the project. Additionally, we also provide you access to tracking conversions on your advertisements.

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Social Media Marketing FAQ's

Enhancement of web traffic with a higher conversion rate is our key performance indicator.

Initially, we offer 3 months contract period; afterwards, it can be processed on a monthly basis. In case of cancellation, the contract can be terminated within 30 days of notification from your end. 

As soon as we get your consent. Our social media team members will furnish you with the best action plan for target social media platforms. Based on your requirements, we start your project immediately.

YES! At the outset, we charge a one-time setup fee of $550 inc GST. This accounts for our initial briefing with you, ad account setup time, and ad creation time. We include setting up analytical software to capture data.
In the beginning, we will send you a questionnaire where we will ask you a few questions about your business goals, vision, and needs. Based on them, we will create the most appropriate advertisement for your business and launch it on various social media platforms.
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