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Is The Money Really In The Link Building?

A jaw-dropping study conducted in the SEO Content Marketing World reveals link building is important.

Links rank in the top three most important Google ranking factors, along with content and RankBrain (Search Engine Land)

Not only that, but….
41% of large companies consider link building as the most difficult SEO tactic (Conductor)

What all this fascinating research shows you, is that if you are counting just on SEO alone, your business might be at risk…

You should really consider taking a deep look at what Link Building Strategies can do for the growth of your business online…

I suppose you are already familiar… how important it really is to stay up-to-date with what’s trending right now in the Digital Marketing Industry…

Of course, if you want your business to always be on the top!

Another thing to take into account is that there actually are 2 types of Link Buidling Strategies…

White Label Link Building

(Safe link building) and Dark Label which is quite illegal and definitely not worth it in the long run…

At least if you care about your site authority! So, now that you know about the dangers of link building, let’s talk more about White Label Linking Building…

whte hat link building


What is White Hat Link Building?

The term White-Hat is not just limited to Link Building Techniques.

It’s basically the definition for legitimate SEO practices in general and is really to be considered as an important segment of any outreach strategy!

Link Building Packages that are in alignment with Google’s guidelines are examined as White-Hat.

Your goal as a business is to keep up the good experience and valuable content you are creating for your customers.

At the same time you must not manipulate SEO rankings with dirty (black-hat) Link Building Tactics…

So with that being said, now you might be wondering…

How Can Safe Link Building Benefit Your Business

Improve Brand Visibility and Authority

What this means is that once your Site Authority looks great in Google’a AI, your business will have a higher chance of being featured in the “Google’s 3 pack”

What this does for your business is that it will get more popular, more prospects will visit your website which in term will result in more Advanced Link Building Opportunities and lastly you will get more paying customers…

Build Quality Relationships with Reputable Websites

It’s natural nowadays for businesses to see only the competition out there, but if you look at the same topic from another perspective…

You could actually build really amazing relationship with other businesses in your niche and find a way to contribute to each other…

in other words Make Collaborations to help you get to the Next Level!

And the best thing is that when you reach out to Your “Competitors” the chance of mutual benefit when you discuss Link Building Packages together.

More Referral Business

The links you actually generate from your link building campaign are there for life and content readers can click on them.

When visitors who check your material want to learn more about the topic, they can easily follow the link back to your website.

The more layers you have to your Link Building Campaigns. In other words, the more Advanced Linking Building Techniques you use, the more referral business you get.

Sometimes, the referral generated business can be more valuable to you than organic search rankings.

Now, I suppose you already learned a lot, but…

What Link Building SEO Techniques Do We Use

Guest Posts — When a business in the same niche as you has referred to your website naturally without stuffing the text with commercial keywords, that’s called Guest Posting.

So when working with us, we’ll make sure that your guest posters use branded keywords and navigational phrases that create really powerful link building solutions.

Niche Edits — Those are Curated Link (Reputable Websites) also known as anchor links inserted into aged Guest Posts, Blogs or Websites that have already been indexed by Google…

Now contextually linking back to your website and Improving your Site Authority.

The Broken Link Technique — This is the practice of fixing already broken (404 pages) in the same niche with working links that lead to your website.

This looks quite easy, but can really be dangerous and destroy your Link Building Campaign if used excessively.

So by working with us, you can make sure that we only use it consciously.

skyscraper technique

Skyscraper Technique — Now we believe, this technique is fundamental…

It works in 3 simple steps: Finding link-worthy content, Creating something even better and sharing what you’ve already written.

This technique is incredibly effective for the Advanced Link Building Tactics that gets you a lot of quality search traffic.

Local Business Citations — This one is unique in its ability to produce more trustworthy data points that helps Google’s AI connect the citation to Your Business.

The link backs you get from citations offer so much additional value to your business because the citations are coming from local sources.

This one takes a lot of research, but if you work use we can make sure that it’s done effectively!

We know this looks like a lot of work, even worse if you do it for the first time so…

Why not do this with the help of some Link Building Experts…

Here’s How Our Linkbuilding Process Works

First, we will create the Strategy, the outlook of the processes we’ll do for you.

To make sure you understand this, that like the Link Building Consulting process you’ll go through.

Then, once we have the process in place, the actual work begins with the Outreach.

This is the time we actually contact other business with which we will work in Step 3…

Building some Backlinks, this step is the most crucial one, because it’s the one that actually starts producing results for you! Once we have some Backlinks, things become really interesting, because we are ready for Step 4…

Tracking Results — One thing is to only talk and hype about this idea of Link Building, quite another is to actually have some results with which the cycle ends and then repeats itself for even more results…

The Final Step: Reporting and Accountability

For anything you do in business, you MUST have a process that keeps track of its efficiency.

This is Step 5: Reporting and Accountability

The most important piece of the puzzle (being Accountable for the actual Work) that allows us to have so many happy clients, just like You are about to become…

So if everything above seems really complex and you are not sure if can succeed alone…
Book your Strategy Session with us at …….

Our Link Building Experts will get in touch with you, analyze your situation right now and conduct the best possible Link Building Strategy for your needs!

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