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Drone Media

A view from above

Drone Media

Our camera kit includes a Sony Mirrorless DSLR camera, lenses, and also action camera equipment for timelapse or 360 virtual tour media.

We can shoot 5.4k video at 30fps, or 4k video. Our drone is capable of flight times up to 30 minutes per battery. Drone video is particularly good for commercial or industrial project inspections, real estate listings, and tourism advertising.

Our drone is capable of shooting RAW images bracketed up to 5 stops which provide a huge dynamic range of optimum clarity. We can also shoot panoramic photos in globe, portrait or wide mode.

We are fully licensed CASA accredited pilots who strictly observe CASA guidelines. Please do not ask us to break those rules.

A unique perspective

Aerial drone images are a great way to capture the true magnificence of an area in a way that can’t be achieved through ground photography. It’s a completely new visual perspective that’s now affordable compared to hiring a helicopter or plane to do the same job. Using our drone equipment we are able to capture photos and videos of natural environments, historical/cultural sites, construction sites, industrial units, farms and stations etc.​

We also shoot promotional high-quality videos from the air giving a unique perspective of your property, land or an event for marketing purposes. ​

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