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A Digital Marketing Directory for Australian Digital Marketers

Finding a Digital Marketing Directory that promotes Australian digital marketers was like finding a needle in a haystack before Covid-19.

Digital Marketing DirectoryThe only alternatives were platforms like, and – all of which were owned and managed offshore.

The other issue is that as an Australian, our labour rates are higher than the offshore members, making us a tough choice for buyers on those platforms.

Proudly Australian

A family owned Australian company, called JKB Australia Pty Ltd, decided to create a level playing field whereby only Australian based Digital Marketers could be listed. The Directory was designed and deployed in the 3rd quarter of 2020 to a round of virtual applause.

The features and benefits

The big feature is the comprehensive member profile pages you can create.
As a member you can upload your logo, photos, articles with backlinks, coupons, video and much more.

digital marketing directory website

Your profile is your online business card and portfolio in one. Your profile is indexed and searchable by users seeking services, making this Digital Marketing Directory a real winner.

Each member can assign their special skillsets that they want to be known for. A user can then search for members based on their location and skillsets.

Amazing Lead Generation

The automated lead generation platform will match the users quote request with members who match the search criteria. A lead will be sent to the member and if the member accepts the lead, the user will be notified.

There are no commissions on the sale. The members take home 100% of the project fee.

If you want to know more, visit the digital marketing directory website today.

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