Coronavirus Digital Marketing Tips

Stay in Business and beat the Coronavirus with these Digital Marketing Tips

Coronavirus Digital Marketing Tips from Corporate Design Solutions

Our first piece of advice is to stay safe and observe the federal and state health requests. If we all do our part as a community we will get past this epidemic and come out the other side wiser and healthier for it.

Economic Impact from Coronavirus

We have seen and heard first hand the damage that this epidemic has caused for small and large business owners. Businesses have had to pivot and restructure to accommodate what customers they have left. In the past month or so we have seen a rise in Zoom Conference calls, Facebook Live episodes and Video Chat. We have worked with several business owners over the past few weeks and as a result we can now offer coronavirus digital marketing tips to help your business.

We would consider the following exercises mandatory:

  1. Update your Google My Business Listing to include your new or adjusted services, hours of operation or new take-away numbers if you provide food.
  2. Adjust your Social Media profiles (eg. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to include messaging about what services you currently offer and how your business can help the local community.
  3. Invest in an e-commerce website and sell your goods or services online through a branded e-commerce store.
  4. Do not stop marketing! Many of your competitors will stop digital marketing due to financial issues they face. When they stop, by default, they are pausing their market share opportunity online and it’s a prime time to claw back that share so speak to a digital marketing expert.
  5. Focus on creating or improving your content library. Get photos or video content from a professional media agency and elevate your brand.
  6. Keep your current customers engaged with a Mailchimp EDM or create a Webinar Series.

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Coronavirus Digital Marketing Tips
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Coronavirus Digital Marketing Tips
Marketing your business during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic can be difficult. Our Coronavirus Digital Marketing Tips will help you.
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