Content Writing

Content Writing

Understanding why content writing is critical to your websites ranking is paramount. Long before the internet copywriters were seen as marketing gods. It was the copywriters who used persuasive sales based content and emotive stories to snare unsuspecting buyers.

In todays’ modern world the copywriter has replaced the typewriter and pen with the keyboard.

content dataAdvertising copywriting has existed since Babylonian times and the first printed material is said to have come into the world in 1477, promoting the sale of a prayer book.


Copywriting dates back to when the first printed papers were distributed on the street. The word “copywriting” means the act of writing words to sell products.

7 tips to skyrocket your content

We have broken down the 7 most important tips we know that will have a positive impact on your readership rates and SEO rankings.

1. Start with knowing your audience

It begins with creating an audience persona. Understand what content your customers are searching for. If they are educated readers, their likes, dislikes, pain points, goals and fear. A copywriter will address these items in their copy. The copy must give the reader an emotive reason to engage with you.

2. Use these simple headline tricks to get more clicks

Based on a Buzzsumo report, headlines with x reasons why … or 7 tips to … draw many readers. Question based headlines like Why, How, Did you know … are powerful too.

Ensure your keyword is in the headline and title of your content as well as the first line.

3. Craft a compelling intro that leaves the reader wanting more

80% of readers will read your headlines and decide if they want to move on. Humans now have an 8 seconds attention span. Engage readers by answering their questions in the headline.

4. Break up your content with ridiculously compelling headings

A compelling headline will often include a tangible benefit how your article will answer the readers pain points.

5. Leverage “bucket brigades” to turn your page into a slippery slope

I first learned of bucket brigades from legendary advertiser Joseph Sugarman.
What’s a bucket brigade, you ask?

This is:
And so is this…
Oh, and there’s this!

Confused? Basically, a bucket brigade is a very short sentence or phrase that forces the reader to read the next line to get more context.

6. Sprinkle in media to draw the eye

We know that infographics work well. We suggest outsourcing this skill online using platforms like Upwork or Fiverr.

7. Focus on design to instantly build trust with your readers

Keep the design, colour and typefaces clean. Don’t create huge paragraphs of text. Use bullets to isolate key points.
Every SEO article or blog post I write for clients include:

  1. a perfectly crafted headline
  2. subheadings
  3. outbound and internal links
  4. SEO keyword inclusion
  5. plus it will be convincing and converts without being salesy.

Most content articles will be 600 to 800 words as a standard rule but I also offer copywriting rates for smaller and larger articles, depending on your content marketing needs.

The Skyscraper Technique

Our favourite content marketing strategy has to be the “Skyscraper Technique”. This technique is based on a bigger is better attitude. This is how it works.

Start by researching popular trends, topics, and already well-received pieces of existing content across the topic areas your business typically covers on Google’s search engine.

Then look for new and unique ways to create content that communicates a similar message — with a twist. This might mean that you add more content, add infographics, statistics and improve page design.

Once you’ve created a new and improved piece of content, reach out to the folks that have already linked out to similar content. Chances are they will want the new and improved content and you’ll earn a valuable backlink.

It’s not just about words …

Content Marketing as a general rule usually refers to blog posts or page content, but not always. Broadly, content marketing can include social posts, article submissions and video content. Having a diverse range of content platforms will ensure you reach a broader demographic and thereby increase your audience database.

How much is it to write content?

That depends. I can get an article written from an outsource company for as little as $5.

I’ve tried this process and the results have always shown that the content is not addressing the primary keyword, is not unique, is not written to convert and therefore useless.

We suggest you engage a qualified content writer who understands how to write persuasive content that engages, and ultimately provokes an emotive response to contact you or purchase from you.

As a general rule, we charge anywhere between $150 and $300 per article plus GST. We have seen websites with 5 good articles outperform competitive websites with 100+ poor pieces of content. Content matters.

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